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follow the survivors in the second year after noel...

BOOK TWO of the NOEL Trilogy:

What will you do when the lights go out and social order collapses?

With the arrival of the Conquistadors in the 16th century, ten thousand years of Indian civilization in Florida was wiped out within a generation. Five hundred years later, another pandemic plague—this time deliberately released by a group of terrorists—has decimated the world's population, and only one in a thousand has managed to survive. Calusa Coast, the second book in the NOEL trilogy, records the growing pains of the first year of the fledgling colony of New Islandia, a utopian community where money and real estate ownership is outlawed.

Thanks to founder Mark’s efforts, electricity, water, and creature comforts have been restored, and the community begins to seek out other survivors. Determined to learn from history, the group draws upon the wisdom of Florida’s ancient Calusa civilization while embracing advanced modern technology, trying to avoid the mistakes made by earlier schemers and scammers in Florida’s development.